Culture in our life

Culture is one of the most important components in your life

Culture is one of the most important components, which form every nation. It is one occurrence that may distinguish and unite all the human beings who live in the world. But it is impossible to imagine culture without music, a very big part of our life.


Culture in our life

Culture in our life

Music, music and again music! Yes, this is one of the greatest subjects not only for the moment, but since the oldest times. There are so many types of music…at least one which could define each deep feeling that we have. Crying, laughing, sleeping, working, eating, driving…and listening to music at the same time is one of our favorite activities and that is why it is practiced a lot. No matter the feelings we are dominated by at a certain moment, piano music is practically a universal friend. When you do not want to be disturbed by anything or anybody, you have two best options: walking in the park, but that requires some physical effort, or just lay and listen to one of your favorite songs as a piano version. And some people say that they choose piano instead of any other instrument, because it is gentle…it is amazingly expressive and relaxing.


As the genres are various, the way we can understand music and our preferences are also various. Some scientists claim that the music we listen in a moment could easily say more than a thousand words about our feelings, thoughts or even personality, even though that song has no lyrics, as in the case of a piano song. Even though some of us might think that there are some songs which do not have such a great expressivity, listening more carefully we might discover hidden magnificent meanings…Every nation has one’s own music and I think that inside music are concluded all peculiarities of the nation, it is contain the key for understand the soul of people.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity


Nowadays, from this large ocean of sounds, many of us choose to focus their attention on piano, no matter where we are from, what we like, what we hate, how we express our emotions…or any other thing. Of course, combined with other instruments, piano may sound even greater, but the combination must be carefully chosen and performed. Anyhow, letting music talk may create a bridge between different nations, may enforce social cohesion and may release souls from this world full of hustle and bustle …




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